Dynck | About Dynck Architecture
More information about Dynck Architecture. Architect Sybren de Graaf designed and engineered a Boathouse at Het Lankheet.
Sybren de Graaf, Architect, Amsterdam, Boathouse, 3D, Parametric, Sustainability
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Dynck creates out of the common projects wrought with technique and ambiance.


This is within the core of Dynck; living a sustainable life and creating projects that breathe it.

Sybren de Graaf is certified Breeam NL Expert which emphasises this.


Dynck is not shy for taking up the tools to get a project build, this gives the extra edge to the designs.


Sybren de Graaf is an architect based in Amsterdam and member of the BNA.

He specialises in designing and realising complex and atmospheric buildings.

This search is accompanied with people, computers, tools and models.